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Freya Maddock

/ Senior Post Producer


After initially doing the Media degree thing, Freya spent two years working in television; shooting, editing, producing and directing the award winning music show Metal Vision. When a diet of two-minute noodles was getting tired, she moved back to New Zealand to get a ‘real’ job. A six-month stint as videotape operator at AAV was enough of a home fix, and she returned to the big smoke of Melbourne not long after to join Digital Pictures in the same role.

Two years later, acting on the realization that her talents lay in talking to people rather than machines, she moved into client service.

Roles as Facilities Manager at Fine Cut and Client Services Manager at Imagestream lead to five years as a post-producer at MRPPP/Method working with Australian and International production companies and advertising agencies.

Freya joined forces with The Refinery in March 2011 and hasn’t looked back. When not knee-deep decoding schedules, she enjoys going to the theatre, planning her next sunny holiday, frequenting Melbourne’s best restaurants, and reassuring concerned line producers that we can indeed paint it out in post.