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Drew Downes

/ Owner, Lead VFX Artist, VFX Supervisor, Sydney


Leading our Sydney VFX studio is VFX Artist + Supervisor Drew Downes.

Drew started his career in Australia at Mesh22 and Postmodern. From there he crossed the pond for a stint with MPC London, which led to a creative director position at MassMarket NY where he picked up an Emmy for his work on NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

After landing back on our sunny shores he continued his career with Alt VFX and Fin before taking up the position of The Refinery’s Lead VFX artist and Partner.

Drew is regarded not only for his mastery of the tools but his keen creative mind, always seeking out the best look or solution for the project.

Having worked across all aspects of production, from live action through to visual effects, his knowledge of the industry is second-to-none and he relishes the opportunity to both problem-solve and creatively refine any project.

Previous notable campaigns he’s collaborated on include Chevy Volt Super Bowl XLV, directed by Filip Engstrom of Smuggler; Virgin Mobile Lil Richard featuring Sir Richard Branson and directed by Traktor, both with Mother New York; Sony Bravia Play Doh Bunnies directed by Frank Budgen of Gorgeous, and Cadbury Gorillas directed by Juan Cabral of Blink, both with Fallon, London.