Post-Production Services

Post-Production Services


Premium compositing for broadcast commercials on Flame & Flame Assist.

We also offer rotoscoping services (local or outsourced), paint and plate re-construction, keying and matte generation, 2D tracking, on-set supervision, and assistance with storyboarding and design.

Through our creative partners we offer fully-managed AfterEffects and motion design services, 3D modeling, tracking, animation, and full CGI integration with live-action plates.


Calibrated colour grading in state-of-the-art Resolve suite with Australia’s top senior colourists. Conforming and VFX integration.


The Refinery Post Production Services utilises innovative and talented artists and state of the art digital technology, to provide the very best in Film and TVC finishing.

We strive to produce the highest quality images and pride ourselves on our attention to detail in the craft of finishing. We are supported by a team of talented local artists scalable to your project.

We work with 3D artists, matte painters, motion graphic artists, conceptual designers, colourists and compositors. And we all love what we do.